The course of study shall be called Master Certificate M.Sc Nursing or Master BSc Nursing.
M.Sc Nursing is an advanced level of Post Graduation programme in Nursing. This degree is preparing a nurse to seek a career as a nurse administrator, health policy expert
clinical nurse leader etc. This programme is focussed on 1 or more of may different advanced nursing specialities like medical surgical nursing, pediatrics, etc. Eligibility Criteria/Admission Requirements:

Admission Eligibility:

A candidate seeking admission must:

  • The candidate should be a Registered Nurse and Registered midwife or equivalent with any State Nursing Registration Council.
  • The minimum education requirements shall be the passing of : B.Sc. Nursing / B.Sc. Hons. Nursing / Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing with minimum of 55% aggregate marks..
  • The candidate should have undergone in B.Sc. Nursing / B.Sc. Hons. Nursing / Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing in an institution which is recognized by Indian Nursing Council.
  • Minimum one year of work experience after Basic B.Sc. Nursing..
  • Minimum one year of work experience prior or after Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing..
  • Candidate shall be medically fit.
  • 5% relaxation of marks for SC/ST candidates may be given.

Duration, Subject & Instruction:

  • Duration of the course is 2 years for M.Sc (N)
  • Course Details - M.Sc. Nursing is offered in the following specialities.
  • Specialization -
    01. Medical Surgical Nursing
    02. Child Health Nursing
    03. Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing
    04. Community Health Nursing
    05. Mental Health Nursing


Duration of the course is 2 years for M.Sc (N)
Available 52 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks
Examination 2 weeks
Gazetted holidays 3 weeks
Total weeks available 43 weeks
40 hours per week 1720 hours
Total hours per for 2 years 3440 hours

Course of instruction
1st year Theory (hrs) Practical (hrs)
Nursing education 150 150
Advance nursing practice 150 200
Nursing research and statistics 150 100
*Clinical specialty - I 150 650
Total 600 1100
II nd year
Nursing Management 150 150
Nursing Research(Dissertation) 300
*Clinical speciality_ II 150 950
Total 300 1400

Education visit 2 weeks

*Clinical Specialty - Medical surgical nursing (cardio vascular & thoracic nursing, critical care Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Neurosciences Nursing, Nephro_Urology Nursing, Orthopedic Nursing, Gastro Enterology Nursing ,)Obstetric & Gynaecological Nursing , child health (paediatric) Nursing, mental health ( psychiatric) Nursing , community health Nursing, psychiatric (Mental health) Nursing etc.

Note: student have to maintain log book for each activity during the course of study

Scheme of Examination

Theory Practical
1st Year Hours Internal External Hours Internal External
Nursing education 3 25 75 50 50
Advanc Nursing practice 3 25 75
Nursing research and statistics 3 25** 75*
Clinical speciality-I 3 25 75 100 100
Total 100 300 150 150
IInd Year
Nursing Management 3 25 75
Dissertation & Viva 100 100
Clinical speciality-II 3 25 75 100 100
Total 50 150 200 200

*Nursing research =50 and statistics = 25
**Nursing research=15 and statistics = 10
  • Minimum pass marks shall be 50 % in each of the theory and practical papers separately.
  • A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance ( irrespective of the kind of absence.
  • A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before award of degree.
  • A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper.
  • If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper he/she has to re_appear for both the papers (theory and practical).
  • Maximum no. of attempts permitted for each paper is 3 including first attempt.
  • The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 4 (four) years.
  • A candidate failing in more then tow subjects will not be promoted in IInd year.
  • No candidate shall be admitted to the subsequent IInd year examination unless the candidate has passed the Ist year examination.
  • Maximum no. of candidates for all practical examination should not exceed 10 per day.
  • Provision of supplementary examination should be made.
  • All practical examination must be held in respective clinical areas.
  • One internal and one external examiner (outside the university ) should jointly conduct practical examination for each student.
  • An examiner should be M.Sc (N) and in concerned subject and have minimum of 3 (three) years post graduate teaching experience.
  • One internal and one external examiners (outside the university) should evaluate dissertation and jointly conduct viva_voce for each student.
  • For dissertations internal examiner should be the guide and the external examiner should be the Nursing faculty/Nursing expert in the same clinical specialty holding Ph.D./ M.Phil/ M.Sc Nursing with a minimum of 3 years experience in the guiding the research projects for post graduate students of Nursing.

Admission strength

Annual admission strength for M.Sc (N) programme should have prior sanction/permission from the Indian Nursing council on the basic of clinical, physical facilities and teaching faculty.

Health services

There should be provisions for the following health services for the students.

  • An annual medical examination.
  • Vaccination against Tetanus, hepatitis B or any other communicable disease as considered necessary.
  • Free medical care during illness and/ provision of health insurance should be made.
  • A complete health record should be kept in respect of each individual students. The question of continuing the training of a student, with long term chronic illness, will be decided by the individual college.

Approval & Recognitions :