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Acting Principal Paramedical

Mr. David Kispotta
Shine College Message

Your time as a student is one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life, so choosing the right college is an important decision. At this college, we offer you plenty of variety in your studies. We provide services best in the market. We provide you the expertise not to pass the exam only but also to excel in practicals. Our practical training gives you supreme confidence once you pass out of this institution. We are your mentors and are prepared to stand by your side whenever its required. We break down barriers between traditional teachings. We encourage intellectual thinking and self reliance skills that are highly prized in the worlds of works and research. We are a leading paramedical institute and the benefit of cutting edge research to our programmes is invaluable, in the caliber of our teaching staff SHINE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is proud of its reputation as one of the best paramedical college. I hope this web page will help you decide whether Shine group of institutions, is right for you. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us or come to one of our open days.

Principal Nursing

Mr.Numal Kacho
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I am really delighted to highlight that the college of Nursing in shine group of institutions is a unique nursing institute, established in the year 2009, is affiliated to Ranchi university (R.U.) & Jharkhand nurses’ registration council, RIMS, Ranchi, Jharkhand and recognized by I.N.C.(new Delhi) it is increasingly becoming popular because of its rapid growth and academic advancement, it has the motto of “humane approach in modern era”. Society believes, the progress of a country depends on the health of the citizens and education of nurses contributes a lot to promote and maintain the health of the nation as a whole. We, the faculty of nursing take up the responsibility in promoting nursing education based on scientific principles, relating to theory and practice, in order to produce skilled, highly competent and qualified nurses, to face the challenges. We promote all round development of the students with special emphasis on intellectual, cultural and spiritual aspects through ‘yoga’ and computers to prepare them as effective change agents in the dynamic society. I extend hearty welcome to students who are joining the institute and offer my best wishes for success in their career effort to usher in to the knowledge in meeting the challenges posed by the global economy.

Acting Principal B.ed

Dr. Sheela Singh
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Teaching is a most noblest and respected profession and the roles, functions and preparations of teachers undergo changes from time to time in the context of rapid social changes and modern technological advancement. The expanded function of teacher has to be linked with social and national development. Therefore, teacher must require broadening and deepening of knowledge, understanding, skills and values so that they can understand the nature of Indian society of the past, enriching what we have today and building confidence in the future well being of the nation. To understand and make deep reflection of the contemporary socio-political, cultural and economic issues; teachers multiple role is most important in the society. For this, the teacher must not see himself as the main source of knowledge but organizer of learning experiences and opportunities. The teacher of today therefore, must transmit moral, ethical and cultural values to design desirable character and personality of students. He must extend his work as a true guide and counselor to inspire socio-cultural change for building a prosperous nation. The teacher education of today needs innovations in the context of globalization of education to orient teachers with latest technologies of teaching. Modern teaching must provide important place in transacting curriculum and employing methodologies in a new way. The old practice of teaching and learning can be revamped by use of multi-media, modern technical and other aids. The old teaching learning process and situation can seldom attract students of the present century. Therefore, the teacher education institution must feel deeply to the fact that we have the structure, foundations and infrastructure of 19th century, teachers/teacher educators of 20th century and learners of the 21st century and this gap of the three centuries can only be reduced by proper ICT integration of teacher education in particular and other liberal and professional education in general; without of which there will be only frustration, grumpiness and irritation in learners of the current century.

Principal Pharmacy

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I welcome you all to the ever growing profession of pharmacy. The Pharmaceutical Science is a rapidly growing field in India. New technology is emerging day by day globally in the field of Pharmaceutical Science so there is always an increasing demand for highly qualified professionals for quality education and research institutions for producing highly trained pharmacists as per the need of Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospitals and in Community.

Providing well trained and groomed Pharmacists who would be involved in promotion of Health through making of medicines. PCI has now introduced the course of D.Pharma which is there to fulfill the societal need of clinical pharmacist- an indispensable link between the patient and the doctor. A 'Pharmacist', here, is a pivotal component as his role is expanding from a dispenser to a researcher and a patient counselor.

It is one of the few professions which has shown significant growth rate even in the time of recession. The pharma field has a perpetual succession. The Pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bound and every day new developments with respect to the pharmaceutical technology are evident. Today, a new era of clinical research has opened many new career opportunities for the growing pharmacist.

'The Pharmacists', promote health not medicines. At Shine college of Pharmacy, you will learn new concepts, widen your horizons, apply your minds, explore your talents and take up social responsibility to improve the healthcare system and ultimately become ethical professional and responsible citizen. My dear students explore your carrier in Pharmacy to create a solid foundation of knowledge to be a technically competent professional and healthcare provider. Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy career in Pharmacy.