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Library is one of the important activities as far as education is concerned and Shine values these sentiments. As library is a part and parcel of every Institute. It is shine’s endeavor to provide best library facilities for the students. The Education Library maintains an in-depth collection of around 6000 & 3000 professional, 4000 textbooks & Reference books in all the specialties of B.Ed., Nursing, Paramedical and allied sciences, plus extended collection of various journals from India and abroad, integrated resource packages, sound recording, e-learning modules microfiche and video tapes. Study tables, preview facilities and photocopies are available. Brief reference help is offered at most times.

The Library is available for student use during the following time frames:

10:00 am to 5:00 pm – Monday – Friday
10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday

Following principles must be adhered while using the Library.


  • The students having Library card is only entitled to draw books from the Library and is responsible for the books taken by him/her.
  • Students can draw only two books at a time and keep it for maximum period of seven (7) days.
  • The fine of Rs. Ten (Rs. 10/-) per day will be charged for each book keeping for more than prescribed time.
  • The normal loan period for a book is Seven (7) days.
  • Library material are to be returned by due date. Same materials may be renewed.
  • Library materials and fines are to be settled prior to the writing off in all exams and the release of final grades.
  • Library materials are to be returned to the circulation desk.
  • Reference materials (marked “R”) and magazines, newspapers and vertical files are to remain in the library.
  • The book lost or damaged in any way shall be replaced by the borrower otherwise he/she will be liable to pay the current price of the book plus Rs. Fifty 50/-) as procurement charge.
  • Book issued in one’s name will not be transferred in any other student’s name.
  • Common Room
  • The students may purchase meal tickets at the Business Office or bring their own lunch and eat in the cafeteria. Individual items such as soup, salad or drink may be purchased from the cafeteria. Food and drink is to be consumed in the cafeteria. The Library, classrooms, and hall ways of SHINE are to be respected as a food/drink-free environment. Special meetings involving lunch in the classroom must have the prior authorization of the Principal.
  • The chewing of gum is permitted only on the ground of SHINE when participating in athletics no other gum chewing is permitted in SHINE.
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