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Health care and Education is the inalienable and indivisible rights held by us all, without which people cannot live in dignity.

Shine Group of Institution (SGI)………. An Institution Where Excellence Is Tradition….is the brainchild of my late grand father and my father who realized the importance of world-class institution and understood the importance of quality training and education especially healthcare and teacher training. The backers and believers had the right background to establish and run colleges and establish it so that it becomes a “light for the visually impaired persons” and in that very thought we have developed SGI. Our aim was and is to train youngsters who need direction and guidance to build a career in healthcare and teacher teaching profession. SGI’s vision was to create a “world class quality institution for training young minds for the future profession” and we have made our effort in this regard in the right and correct manner and this was to be done by keeping costs affordable and infrastructure both physical and academic most up-to-date and accessible. To this affect SGI’s infrastructure and all facilities reasonably meets all the requirements of a great professional education institute. SGI’s mission was and is to provide an opportunity to all aspiring youngsters who are considered average by their academic track record to learn and train in healthcare discipline and convert these average individuals into first rate professionals. Those individual's who could not get access to costly colleges, institutes and schools but are highly talented and are trainable to assume significant role in healthcare profession are our raw material. We impart formal education with a difference even as we work within the constraints of a traditional educational system, through carefully crafted interaction and activities within and outside the classroom, we provide experiences that help the student teacher discover innate capabilities, set life-long goals and proactively work towards their fulfillment of educational dreams and goals. Our procedures, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure were and are totally geared towards achieving our vision and mission. There is a high degree of student participation in running the institution in its all activities along with the faculty. All efforts in SGI are directed towards supporting our vision & mission and decisions and are guided by their contribution which are likely to enhance and strengthen our vision and mission. With the explosion of knowledge and globalization of education across social, cultural and geographical boundaries, we provide our students with unique multi-cultural programmes. This on one hand helps our students to know about the socio-economic, cultural and educational scenario and on the other hand, takes our college and students to national platform. Thus, our students have an edge over others as they are well equipped to face the global challenges. In nut shell our missions is to provide opportunities and support to average students to enable them to realize their ambition to join healthcare profession and achieve their dream of a great career. On the academic front, I want to encourage all to work very hard and get focused from the very onset. I can proudly say our vision and mission was to develop human resource for furtherance of knowledge through teaching, research and innovation and be ranked amongst the top educational institutions of the State and Pan India for the better service to the humanity in general and our nation in particular and we have been successful to an extent in this regard. Further to impart a sound formation in all levels such as academic, social, physical and emotional, to cultivate more self-confidence, to mould and motivate the would-be healthcare professional and teachers towards vision of excellence, to strengthen their ability in communicating their views effectively, to develop soft skills among the trainees and to train students to be great human being with high morals and values. Thank you all so very much…and please join our hands and make us stronger so that we can do and achieve what others have only been conversing as we believe in delivering. Need everybody’s wishes and prayers in this endeavor of ours towards excellence.

Arif Ahmed Ansari



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